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The Top 10 Free PC Games

  1. Dota 2. This game is based on the Warcraft 3 mod that goes by the name of Defence of the ancients which translates to DotA in short form. It is a free to play game that will get you addicted in no time with all the amazing features that it has.
  1. League of legends. It is basically a multiplayer online batter arena. You are allowed to play with certain characters for free but the rest are going to actually cost you. It is a very popular game among gamers all over the world. Lots of people stream this game on Twitch. For more information about streaming go here.
  1. AdVenture Capitalist. This game is particularly interesting because you need nothing to join. It is not just about watching numbers grow as you click away, no, there is something more to this game that you will find deeply satisfying.
  1. Star Wars: The Old Republic. This game is free to play and you will have so much to play before you finally reach the pay to play barrier. Overall it is a great free to play game if you are an old fan of star wars.
  1. Team Fortress 2. This shooting game was made free to play 4 years after its initial release and it has become extremely popular among gamers. It is a great game that is highly addictive as it is engaging.
  1. Path of Exile. By walking around and destroying everything in your wake using all sorts of crude weapons and magic, this game surely has cut a niche for itself in the top ten list. It is action packed and the fact that it is free to play is why you will love it more.
  1. Warframe. This game is basically what defines having a good time on your PC without having to pay. The only investment that you make on this game is your time and you can play with other online players. Give this a try. It’s definitely worth it.
  1. Firefall. You can join up with all of your friends to basically shoot up everything that the game aims at you. This game is interactive and by the time you get to actually be asked to pay to access the other perks, you will have had your fun.
  1. Diablo 3. By signing up for a account, you will get to enjoy this game without having to pay a dime. You will be allowed to go up to level 13 with considerable access to most benefits before you are asked to upgrade to get the full version of the game.
  1. Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard saw DOTA 2 and League of Legends and thought it would follow suit. You can’t really blame them, those two games have been super successful. The best thing about Heroes of the Storm is that it is a free game. You need a pretty good computer to run it but it is a nice looking game if you get it at max settings.

If you’re looking for more ideas of free games to play, I’d suggest reading Keen and Graev’s Blog. They have some funny and cool stuff all about video games on their site.

The Top 10 eSports Games

Video games that are played in competitions are called eSports. The vast majority of the eSports games are fighting games, sports games, real-time strategy games and first person shooter games. Due to the vast difference in games, professionals often spend the whole career on a single game. It can take years of practice to master a game. You also need the right gear if you want to compete at a high level. There are such things as gaming keyboards and mice, even gaming chairs for example.

Below is the list of the Best Free eSports Games Available:

  1. World of Warcraft
    Not too many people know that World of Warcraft hosts a lot of tournaments with decent price money. First place took home $120,000 dollars in the latest competition. If you play on a PvE server, then you are an unlucky person. Money comes to those who play on PVP servers. There is 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 matches in the tournament. If you want to win money, then you need to improve your ranking. Only top ranked players can compete for money.
  2. Halo 3
    Even though there is prize money for games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Counter-strike, there is still money to be won in the Halo 3. However, it is a quickly fading game as far as popularity goes. But it still has a decent number of tournaments with some serious money for the victors.
  3. Smite
    It is a MOBA with a new perspective. This is a new game where you play in a 3D Moba map style. You can see a host of tournaments on its official website in which you can participate. It also has been recently released to the Xbox One.
  4. World of Tanks
    This is an online multiplayer game, you will pick a tank have to destroy other tanks. Doesn’t get any better than that, right? There is a lot of money in this game and was very popular last year.
  5. Warcraft III
    This latest installation of RTS Warcraft series still hosts a plenty of tournaments and offers decent prize money. There are a lot of diehards that still play this game.
  6. Starcraft Broodwar
    This is one of the popular eSport games of all time. Since coming out in 1998, it has gained vast popularity especially in South Korea. There are still a lot of tournaments that this game features. The prize money can go as high as $125,000.
  7. Counterstrike
    Counterstrike is one of the most profitable eSports game available today. The prize money for this game can be upwards of $200,000. You’ll see huge tournaments casted on
  8. Starcraft II
    This is the successor to Starcraft Brood War. It has helped winners earn as high as $1.6m by winning different tournaments. Blizzard has built out a pretty big tournament network for this game.
  9. DOTA 2
    One of the most popular members of the MOBA genre. The game is a derivative of Warcraft III. Released in 2013, with a totally different scenario. You will pick up a hero and will protect your lane. The biggest eSports even in the world is the DOTA 2 International Compendium set of tournaments with a price tag of over $10 million dollars. That almost feels like too much money. You have to split it evenly throughout a team of 5, but that is still a million each. Dota’s prize pool is actually the biggest prize pool in professional gaming, but the number of people who play this game is on the decline unfortunately. The last game on our list may not give away as much money, but it is much more popular.
  10. League of Legends
    It is one of the most popular games in the world. It is another MOBA game. The League of Legends World Championship Series winner racked up $2m in 2014. Riot Games also plays players salaries if you are on a top team. It is like DOTA 2, you will enter one of several lanes across a big map. The lanes all connect your base to the enemy’s base, and the purpose is to push through your lane and destroy the opponents base.

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