Although it’s a little too early to say which free PC game will rank top, we already have a few contenders that seem less likely to be beaten in the months to come. So if you’re into computer gaming but don’t want to spend a dime for it, this post is for you. In it, I will give you a quick overview of some titles that are likely to earn the title of best free computer game of 2015.

Heroes and GeneralsHeroes and Generals

This deeply immersive World War II era game is a two-in-one package that will suit the tastes of both FPS- and RTS-lovers. The game has two modes of play. In the first one, you play the role of a WWII hero in first-person mode, running around the battlefield and shooting down Nazi soldiers and artillery. The second is the multiplayer strategy mode, in which you’ll be a general leading your army and supporting your heroes.

The first-person mode has nice shooting and physics twists to make for a more realistic experience. The game also has a nearly unlimited variety of weapons, side-arms, explosives and vehicles, which will ensure that it’ll have new things to offer every time that you play.

The Mighty Quest for Epic LootThe Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

Produced by Ubisoft Montreal, this unique game is a marriage of classic isometric RPG and defense-building strategy games. Played in a fantasy setting, the game starts by choosing a character class from one of the all-time favorites (the mage, sword-wielding knight, hawk-eyed archer, and sneaky thief are there) and getting the feel of the controls.

The real fun begins when you are awarded a castle, from which you plan and strike at other players, and where you subsequently store the cash and treasures you loot. To prevent other players from doing the same to you, you can hire minions (Dungeon Keeper-style) and plant them in different places to help in the protection of your castle.

The game also features other RPG elements such as character-building, artifact- and treasure-collection, and item purchasing.


This one is an online multiplayer Mechwarrior-style first-person shooter, in which you drive around in a mechanized beast, shooting down opponents with state of the art sci-fi weapons, including laser weapons and homing missiles. The game features fast-paced battles and has a wide variety of weapons and gadgets that allow for unlimited tactics and twists to happen in the game.

The game is loaded with nice graphics and physics effects, which all add up to make it an immersive and realistic experience. A must-try for all classic Mech enthusiasts.

It isn’t yet clear which of the countless titles will take away the “best free computer game of 2015” award, but you can check out this post by Geek Squad to see a more detailed list of potential winners.